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Adjustable bottle bag

Backpack Cross Body Bottle Bag


Introducing our versatile Made in Italy, Backpack Cross Body Bottle Bag. Perfect for those on the go. With an adjustable strap, this bag  can be worn in 4 different ways!

- As a Backpack

- Cross Body Bag

- Over the Shoulder in size long and short

- Carry by Hand


Making it suitable for any situation. The vegan certified design means you can feel good about your purchase, knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this product.

The strap is adjustable in length so this product is suitable for kids.

To change the size, open the strap and scroll down to the next button.

To change the way to wear it, simply slide the bottom strap and adjust it as a backpack or crossbody.

It is very cool and practical,  this product store flat.

Weight capacity 1.5 kg,  adaptable to carry any drink bottles  and wine bottles.

Our adjustable bottle carrier worn as a crossbody bag, can fit any adult size and kids size, worn as backpack might be difficult to be used for adults with size Large and Extra Large.

Custom made options are available for large sizes, add to your order our extendable strap ( only for $14.99) and your bottle bag will be mounted accordingly, the extendable strap is aslo removable so the bottle bag can be switched to the standard size.


The strap length will extend over time, making this bag more comfortable to wear.


Suitable for any size bottles, wine bottles, Swell Bottle, Earth bottles, Cheeki bottles,  Oasis Bottle, Frank Green bottles, and many others (for Yeti 26oz  bottles we recommend our Large ring Bottle bag).

Feel good knowing your purchase has helped lead to cleaner oceans.  Drink in Style has an ongoing commitment of 1% for the planet and the Seabin Foundation from each sale goes towards removing plastic from polluted waterways all over the globe.



  • Product Info

    Material: Veganok Certified Italian Leather

    Maximum weight capacity: 1.5 kg

    Features: Foldable, Sewable, Heat-Proof  -Washable- Odorless - No Toxic, Recyclable.

    Handcrafted in Verona (Italy)

    Patented model.



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