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About Us

If you have made it to this page, means that you really want to know more about us and how it all started...



I’m Monica, founder of Drink in Style.


For those who want to know more about me, I’m passionate about cooking, I love animals (especially dogs) and I love spending time hiking surrounded by nature.


I have worked for over 20 years in the finance department, however, after taking a 3 months sabbatical break in Italy, I discovered that the corporate world did not suit me anymore and I was looking for a more balanced life, where I was able to create time for things that I love, as well as the things I like to do.

During my trip back to Italy with my husband, I found those beautiful Vinstrip’s products at our niece's wine shop and I loved the idea, the versatility and the smart concept of this brand, I thought it could be a great product to introduce in Australia and New Zealand.

The following day I was introduced to the owner of the manufacturing company and visited the factory in Verona, I was amazed to see that every single product was handcrafted with so much care, using only high-quality Vegan Certified material.


What really convinced me about Vinstrip’s products was the sustainability factor, as each product is designed to help reduce single use, which aligns with my life philosophy, and I could also inspire people to do the same.


Drink in Style becomes the exclusive importer of Vinstrip’s brand in Australia and New Zealand, and our journey began.


Since then, I have established with the company a strong collaborative relationship, I cooperate with the design team, and I feel part of Vinstrip’s family.

Drink in Style is 100% Australian Owned.

about us img-20220421-wa0021.jpg
about us img-20220421-wa0021.jpg


Help to lead to cleaner oceans and fight the war on plastic bottles.


Help reduce single-use and encourage Australians to be environmentally aware and conscious of the amount of plastic that is used and discarded unnecessarily

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