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Vinstrip : New solution for transport of bottles

Updated: Feb 15

vinstrip wine bottle carrier
Bottle bag crossbody and backpack

As we collectively seek greener alternatives, a new solution has emerged, promising a more sustainable and efficient approach. Let's explore this revolutionary shift in the packaging and transport of bottles.

Vinstrip makes personal and home accessories, suitable for our daily lives, all with their unique creative drive.

Vinstrip is a new solution for the packaging and transport of bottles, it's useful and stylish, bestowing to any bottle its 100% Made in Italy prestige.

Without imagination and the ability to dream, without poetry we are mere human beings. Imagination and poetry can give us wings and make us fly.

Vinstrip bottle holder and glass holder are only a few of the objects fruit of Cavaliere's creativity.

Human scaled objects that make life easier.

A constant openness to novelties, that watches the world as if through a child' s eyes waiting for a new exciting event: the moment of creation.

Vinstrip's keywords is design, colour and customization.

Cavaliere Interni is able to offer products of exclusive and customizable design in a wide variety of colours, that can completely satisfy the clients' requirements.

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