Single & Wine Tag

Single & Wine Tag


Made by Vinstrip, It is a refined wine bag that combines high quality design and practicality. Initially it looks like a flat sheet but, as soon as you slip the wine bottle in, it becomes a soft, flexible, resistant wine carrier that adapts to any size and leaves the bottle's label entirely visible.

This product is designed to accommodate one 750 ml wine, oil or liquor bottle in a totally safe and uniquely elegant bottle carrier. You may use your imagination to turn this extremely practical wine bag into an even more original accessory by customising it with flowers or confetti pouches. 

This product comes with a wine tag, with the below messages; It's Wine O'Clock,

The best wine is the one you drink with friends,

Save Water Drink Wine.

Simply choose your favorite Wine Tag one and color.

Wine tag can be also used around the wine bottle, to save the drips, while pouring the wine.


Color/ Tag Message